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Build your Drupal Site In Minutes With CMS Powerstart!

CMS Powerstart makes it a frictionless and pleasurable experience to install and customize a Drupal CMS site



CMS Powerstart Improves The Drupal Experience


CMS Powerstart is an open source Drupal distribution that aims to improve the Drupal experience for everyone, especially in small business website projects.


Main Features

Our easy to use theme options, shortcodes and unique elements allow you to create any type of website.

Natively Responsive!

Thanks to the Bootstrap 3 based approach CMS Powerstart works magnificently on any device!


Ready-made WYSIWYG and advanced features. Save many hours of configuration and research!


CMS Powerstart is designed to be extendible. Drupal APIs and best practices are used throughout!


Using the custom build interface you can select the features that matter to you. No code bloat!

SEO Optimized

We studies Wordpress and Yoast resources to create a Drupal configuration that ranks at the top!

Bootstrap 3

Like Bootstrap? You will love the complete Bootstrap 3 integration in shortcodes, views, field classes and image styles!

WYSIWYG Included!

WYSIWYG is hard in Drupal! We researched and created a complete solution using CKEditor 4.


Shortcodes allow you to create rich responsive content, with retina icons, Bootstrap 3 components and more.

Drupal Community

CMS Powerstart is not a fork! It's 100% Drupal, so you can extend it with any existing modules, themes and libraries!



More features


  • Easy to extend
  • Drupal 8 code architecture
  • Demo content included
  • Pagespeed optimized
  • HTML5 SEO Optimized
  • Bootstrap 3 field API
  • Bootstrap 3 shortcodes
  • Bootstrap 3 block classes
  • Bootstrap 3 views
  • Bootstrap 3 image styles
  • Fully loaded WYSIWYG
  • Advanced CMS Components
  • Custom build interface
  • Can work with any theme
  • Awesome shortcode elements

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Responsive content? No problem

With CMS Powerstart and its Bootstrap3 integration resonsive layouts and content are super easy.

CMS Powerstart is responsive to the core, and the responsive system is used throughout: in the design, in the views, in the content, everywhere!

Nested columns are not a problem with CMS Powerstart. Rows and columns can be nested limitlessly, keeping the flexibility of Bootstraps device shortcuts (large, medium, small, xsmall).

The 12 column grid system is divisible by 3 and 4, allowing you to easily create the most common layouts. Pull and push classes give you full control over your design.



CMS Powerstart is developed by SooperThemes with end-users in mind

The includes website editors, marketing staff, site builders and other users who contribute to the success of your website. Drupal is great for developers and produces great result for your site's visitors but the other people who add value to your site are not always as well catered. CMS Powerstart aims to change this by offering awesome tools to create rich, organized content.

Learn more about our tools:

  • Shortcodes
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Media management
  • Events
  • Blogs
  • Portfolio content

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Automatic Colored Social Icons

Supports different icon styles and CSS3 hover animations